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Gondolkoztatok már azon, hogy jó lenne elkezdeni egy vállalkozást? Sokat hallunk a start-up cégekről és a sikereikről és arra gondolunk biztos jól finanszírozottak, így könnyű. Ebben a rövid, hat perces videóban érdekes dolgokat hallhatunk az Idealab alapítójától Bill Grosstól arról, hogy mitől sikeres egy kezdő vállalkozás.  Most is segítek egy szöveggel. Ajánlom, olvassátok el és töltsétek ki, majd ezután hallgassátok a videót. Jobb lesz!

I examined what factors make companies successful. I believe in start-ups, they can make the world a better place. If people with the right incentives come together they can unlock their potential and achieve incredible things.

I have been in business since I was 12, when I sold candies, later I made solar energy devices, loudspeakers and I set up Idealab, which has helped more than 100 companies so far.

I used to think that idea was everything, later I came to think that team was the key. But I quote Mike Tyson: Everybody has a plan until they are punched on the face. Businesses can also get a punch from customers. Other factors that seemed to be important were the good business model, funding and of course timing. Is it too early to start a business and customers need to be educated or is it too late and there are a lot of competitors?

I analysed 100 Idealab companies and 100 non Idealab companies. We compared those who became successful with those who failed despite the high hopes we had for them; they had a superb business model and intense funding still they couldn’t make it.

What surprised me most is that idea was not the most important. Timing accounted for 42% of the difference between successful and not successful companies. If you do not have a business model at the beginning but there is a demand for what you are creating it is OK. If you are underfunded at the beginning but gain traction later it will be easy to get intense funding.

At the beginning Airbnb was passed on by many smart investors: Why would people stay at the home of a total stranger? But the timing was brilliant. They came out at the height of the recession. People needed extra money and they could overcome the objection of renting their homes.

We had a company back in the 1990s. We had high hopes and raised money but at that time the broadband penetration was very low; it was too hard to watch a video content so the company went out of business in 2003. But two years later when broadband penetration was more than 50% YouTube came to the stage. They were not even certain if it would work out but the timing was unbelievable.

I summary I would advise you to look whether consumers are ready for what you have to offer.





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