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Sziasztok Profizmusra Vágyók!

Demkó Andrea vagyok, és a célom, hogy segítsek nektek profivá válni az üzleti angolban. Az életünk része a smart technology, vagyis az okos technológia. Ez az, ami a leginkább hatással van a munkahelyeinkre és az üzleti világra, ja és persze az egész életünkre. Most angolul elolvashatjátok a legfrissebb fejleményeket, amiket a The Times üzleti magazinjából válogattam és csatoltam hozzá egy kis feladatot is.

Smart technology is invading our lives. They have penetrated into different walks of life offering solutions to many problems.

Now we have speech enabled shopping. Customers want convenient, seamless and personalized services, they want to interact with the brand and the voice activated technology will enable them to find things quicker or search easier. Experts say that voice is the most disruptive technology and the third of all computers will be screenless in a few years. It means that the levers that brands traditionally pull, like packaging, design, shelf placement, will be done away with. Without the physical presentation of a brand consumers are more likely to ask for a product type and not for a specific brand unless they have a strong brand loyalty. So are we facing a brandless future?

If technology can help us with shopping why couldn’t it help with online dating? According to statistics marriages that resulted from pairing up online are 25% more likely to last and be happier. With the help of data we can be matched to a compatible partner – as smart technology has the capacity to reveal more about us. How come? We tend to type many things to search engines and this knowledge can be exploited to find a lasting love. But no worries! Technology can work with data we give them and it is unable to read our minds.

Technology has a big potential to empower the disabled, the visually impaired, the sick and vulnerable. The internet enabled mod cons can help these people have a better control over their own lives. A lot of companies, however go for the mainstream market and these people represent a niche. Still certain tech companies cater for their needs and promote the inclusive design – which refers to devices with features not only for the mass market.

Home automation is also a quickly developing area. Here the devices are connected in a home making it more comfortable, safe and energy saving, sometimes equipped even with humanoid robots that will act as assistants, partners interacting with us.

Even arms can be smart. A smart weapon is one that can identify the person holding it and disable the ability to fire it for non authorized users. It is based on biometrics and may be good to prevent mass or accidental shootings.

invade: eláraszt, megszáll

penetrate: behatol

enable: lehetővé tesz

lever: kar

do away with: felszámol

exploit: kihasznál

read one’s mind: olvas valaki gondolataiban

visually impaired: látássérült

niche: piaci rés

authorized: felhatalmazott

Ird be a hiányzó szavakat!

  1. In this developing country child labour is still……….in factories.

  2. Our product is not for mass consumption, we have to find our……….market.

  3. With this new app we would like to……….into new areas of personal finance.

  4. Move this……….to remove the lid.

  5. Only……….persons can get access to these files.

  6. Speech enabled technology can improve the quality of life for……….people.

  7. This new app will……….tourists to get updated information about delays.

  8. With constantly monitoring the office staff the company……….the employees privacy.

  9. Thanks for the coffee. I was just about to get myself a cup of coffee from the machine. You are……….

  10. The Minister promised that they would do their best to……….crime.

 Üdvözlettel Demkó Andrea, a cégek és cégvezetők nyelvi szakértője




  1. exploited, 2. niche, 3. penetrate, 4. lever, 5. authorized, 6. visually impaired, 7. enable, 8. invades, 9. reading my mind, 10. do away with