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Az üzleti utakról és az utazás jövőjéről szól ez a mostani bejegyzés. Érdekes nemcsak hasznos! Olvassatok angolul arról, hogy a scifi már nem a jövő, hanem a jelen tudománya!                                                                                            
Although teleconferencing technology is improving personal encounters are still popular as business travellers prefer to close deals over a handshake. Business travel is booming because personal meetings are more likely to elicit a desired response than an email. A chatbox is also available to help a business traveller: it can book a hotel room or give advice still there is a demand for human delivery of good services.
In case of business travel there is also a greater vigilance as there is an increased risk of natural disasters, political unrest and terrorist threat – so companies tend to take precautions to mitigate these and to prepare both proactively and reactively.
Another issue concerning business trips is Brexit. There are no defined agreements about aviation rights and visas, which can give rise to uncertainty, which is never good for businesses. It would be desirable to avoid the cummulative effects of impediments so that business trips do not become cumbersome. However, a visa system can have benefits. If business travellers  need to get a visa, it may be worth prolonging a business trip adding to it a leasure element.
Solving the problem of congested roads, reducing the carbon footprint with increasing the efficiency of travelling has been a long standing challenge. There are some solutions that are on the threshold of being imlemented. Hyperloop is a pressurised capsule, which can reach a 700 m/h speed. It is like a high speed rail similarly to the magnetic levitation –maglev. Trains running on maglev have been in operation since 1984 but now in China there is an experoment with an ultra fast bullet train that can reach 1000m/h speed. The autonomous aircraft sector  is also a burgeoning technology. If all goes to plan in 2 years there will be autonomous helicopters on rooftops enabling commuters to get around densely populated areas.
This can be done by elevated cycle paths above cities. BMW has a project in China, in which enclosed elevated tubes will be built, which can be used by cyclist all the year round.
Smarts roads can communicate with smart cars about the best ways to avoid hazardous or adverse road conditions. Apart from reducing road death, technologically enabled roads can also serve as electrified tracks that recharge electric cars. This is a project already going on in Sweden.
close a deal: üzlete köt, megállapodik, használható még a strike a deal kifejezés is.
elicit: kiszed vkiből valamit, kihúzza belőle pl választ, kiváűlt
deliver services: szolgáltatást nyújt
vigilance: éberség, óvatosság
mitigate: enyhít
take precautions: óvintészkedést tesz
impediment: akadály, gát
cumbersome: nehézkes, terhes, körülményes
be on the threshold: küszöbön áll
burgeoning: virágzó mint a booming vagy thriving
if all goes to plan: ha minden a terv szerint megy
adverse: ellenséges kedvezőtlen, hátrányos
technologically enabled: gyakori kifejezés, azt jelenti technikailag megtámogatott, technikával felszerelt.


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