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This Arab woman started with the story of her walking in a fancy mall and her daughter seeing only male figures on hoardings asked her if it was so because women were not important.

She was brought up in Lebanon and her father encouraged  her to pursue her education.  She wanted to make him proud and became an electrical engineer. As she grew up in a male dominated society she did not have a role model and as a woman she had to juggle with the task of a career and motherhood. Her advice is: Convert their shit into your fuel. This ability is resilience.

She wrote articles on women’s economic empowering and when she presented it to MBA students her male boss criticised her for sounding like an activist. He thought that women are supposed to be at home when they have children. She drew the conclusion that she needed another sponsor and that she would show him what she was capable of because having a professional career does not mean failing your children.

Be happy, it drives people crazy. If you are bombarded with negative messages just try to convert them into your personal fuel as success is your best revenge.

In  the Arab world if you want to make your own career, you should marry someone supportive. In an Arab household a man is not an equal contributor as it is not manly to deal with the household chores. At the same time the primary source of a woman’s pleasure is the prosperity of husband and children.

You have to use your hard earned skills both at home and in your professional life.

  1. Recruit efficiently! Choose carefully and empower! She did it with her nanny!

  2. Allocate a sacred time for your family! Spend quality time with them, turn the moments into memorable time!

  3. Master delegation! Her daughter is a better teacher for her son!

  4. Join forces, do not compete! In a patriotic society women realized that they should help one another instead of rivalry.

In the Arab world women are making progress despite the many setbacks


fancy: puccos, menő, csilli-villi

hoarding: óriásplakát

juggle: zsonglörködik

resilience: rugalmasság, ellenállóképesség

draw the conclusion: levonja a következtetést


prosperity: felvirágzás, gazdagság, jólét

allocate: kioszt, kiutal, hozzárendel

join forces: egyesíti erőit, összefog

setback: akadály, visszaesés



  1. You do it when you want to strike a balance between two or more tasks:

  2. Transform, change into something:

  3. Unite and not compete:

  4. modern and dazzling:

  5. learn the lesson:

  6. it is a synonym of obstacle:

  7. huge poster:

  8. welfare and wealth:

  9. flexibility and endurance:

  10. you do it with the budget when you decide what to spend it on:






1, juggle, 2, convert, 3, join forces, 4, fancy, 5, draw the conclusion, 6. setback, 7, hoarding, 8,prosperity, 9, resilience, 10, allocate