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Ma a kiskereskedelmi részlegről hoztam egy cikket: A Tesco-ról olvashattok és gazdagíthatjátok a szókincseteket.

Tesco is said to be developing a separate brand that would match the German discounters –Lidl and Aldi – on price offering a much more limited product range. Tesco declined to comment on this.

Aldi and Lidle have been stealing shoppers since the last recession as the rising food prices encouraged Britons to shop around for their groceries. Previous attempts by UK supermarkets to launch discount brands have failed so far. But now Tesco has been trying to recover from the stiff price competition.

Tesco suffered profit warnings and an accounting scandal in 2014 caused in part by competitive pressure from discounters. There is another move Tesco is making: It is stripping out a layer of management from its stores in a move that puts up to 1,700 jobs at risk, in the latest effort by the UK’s biggest supermarket chain to cut costs by £1.5bn.

The company said it would remove people managers, who handle recruitment and other personnel matters, compliance managers, responsible for health and safety, and customer experience managers, who oversee service in 226 of Tesco’s largest stores.

Speaking about the latest round of cuts, Matt Davies, chief executive of Tesco’s UK and Ireland business, said: “These changes remove complexity and will deliver a simpler, more helpful experience for colleagues and customers. We recognise these are difficult changes to make, but they are necessary to ensure our business remains competitive and set up for the future.Pauline Foulkes, national officer for the shopworkers’ union Usdaw, said the changes were “a further upheaval for Tesco managers”. She said the union would be entering talks with the supermarket chain in an attempt to minimise redundancies and help its members stay employed in a suitable role within the business if that was what they wanted.

decline: visszautasít, megtagad, hanyatlik

shop around:boltról boltra jár, hogy a legjobb vételt találja meg

attempt: kísérlet, probálkozás

strip: megfoszt, eltávolít

layer: réteg

compliance: megfelelés, betartás

oversee: ellenőriz, felügyel

ensure: biztosít

upheaval: felfordulás, kavarodás, zürzavar


which word refers to

  1. thickness of material laid over a surface:

  2. deprive

  3. lay-off

  4. sudden , violent change

  5. refuse

  6. make an effort, try

  7. action in accordance with a request

  8. guarantee,

  9. supervise

  10. search carefully for goods at the best price




  1. layer, 2, strip, 3. redundancies, 4. upheaval, 5. decline, 6, attempt 7, complience, 8, ensure, 9, oversee, 10, shop around