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Mostani új sorozatomban rövid üzleti híreket olvashattok, magyar szószedettel és egy kis feladattal. A hírek aktuálisak, tehát legyetek naprakészek és okosodjatok!

It was not long ago when Volkswagen was involved in a scandal and finally acknowledged it was guilty of cheating on emission tests. According to the charges the company violated environmental regulations and six executives were indicted by US prosecution.

Now the German carmaker together with BMW and Daimler are accused of conducting unethical experiments, where both monkeys and humans were exposed to nitrogen dioxide gas. The health impact research – in which animals and humans had to inhale diesel exhaust fumes – had the aim to counter the statement that diesel exhausts are carcinogenic. Inhaling nitrogen dioxide can aggravate respiratory diseases and has serious health repercussions.

The three companies distanced themselves from this controversial research and started to conduct full investigation. The German government also condemned the tests, which were no way ethically justifiable.

If these experiments with humans were backed by the carmaking giants remains to be seen, however it is quite obvious that the issue of pollution from diesel cars is not yet solved and is causing a major headache to the manufacturers.


acknowledge: elismer

violate: megszeg,

conduct: levezet, levezényel

be exposed to: ki van téve valaminek

aggravate: súlyosbít

controversial: vitatott, ellentmondásos

condemn: elítél

justifiable: igazolható

back: támogat

remains to be seen: majd még ezután derül ki

Which word means the same as:

1, breach

2, support

3, exacerbate

4, convict

5, we do not yet know

6, admit

7, highly debated

8, direct

9, there are good reasons for it

10, not sheltered



1, violate  2, break   3, aggravate  4, condemn  5, remains to be seen  6, acknowledge  7, controversial  8, conduct   9, justifiable  10, be exposed to