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A mai cikk az egyik legfrissebb hír, ami a Bitcoinról szól és a kriptovalutákról. Érdekes, naprakész és most is jó szavakat tanulhattok ha elolvassátok.

The same economist, who predicted the financial crisis of 2008 says that cryptocurrency is the next big bubble to burst. Bitcoin has lost more than half of its value recently and the other cryptocurrencies have been hit by the news that Facebook is banning all advert for cryptocurrencies. Indeed, for the second time in just four days, the market is awash with double-digit declines, as in just a few short weeks a combination of new buyer fatigue and negative news appears to have taken its toll. New buyers may be further discouraged due to reports that China could further restrict  domestic buyers from overseas market resources, while major credit card issuers across the globe are reportedly restricting access to cryptocurrency buying.

Bitcoin is an online „cash”, it functions as a payment system but there is no single person or entity who controls it. From a user’s perspective, Bitcoin is nothing more than a mobile app or computer programme that provides a personal Bitcoin wallet and allows a user to send and receive bitcoins with them. People can bypass traditional payment methods with its help so it can be suitable for money laundering ot online crimes.It is not recognized as a legal tender and policy makers are trying to crack down on it as they cannot allow itt o become the next Swiss bank account for use by criminals or tax evaders.

Although bitcoin is too small to pose a threat – as many claim – it will be subject to greater regulatory scrutiny and investors should also do their „homework” backing the digital currencies.

  1. burst: kipukkad

  2. ban: betilt

  3. double digit: kétszámjegyű

  4. take its toll: kárt okoz, megvisel

  5. issuer: kibocsájtó, kiállító

  6. bypass: megkerül

  7. legal tender: hivatalos pénznem

  8. crack down on: keményen lesújt

  9. tax evader: adócsaló

  10. scrutiny: szigorú vizsgálat


The police have promised to 1………. drug dealers.

The authorities ordered a close 2……….of the documents.

Every year at Christmas drunken driving 3……….

The 4……….on smoking in pubs did not have a detrimental effect on their income.

VAT is extremely high so no wonder there are a lot of 5……….

If you blow that balloon up any more it will 6………

We could have 7………. this problem if we had kept a buffer stock.

Euro is the 8………. in the euro-zone countries.

The reason why the sales figures produced a 9………. fall is the unfavourable market situation.

Banks are not the 10………. of credit cards.




  1. crack down on, 2. scrutiny, 3. takes its toll, 4. ban, 5, tax evaders, 6, burst, 7, bypassed, 8, legal tender, 9, two digit, 10, issuers