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Demkó Andrea vagyok, a cégek és cégvezetők nyelvi szakértője. Ma is hoztam egy izgalmas témát az Intellectual Property vagyis a szellemi tulajdon kérdéskörében. Ahogy a múltkor ígértem, ez még egy kicsit jogi téma, de sok vállalatot érint. Ezt találtam a  https://www.raconteur.net/intellectual-property-2017 oldalon.

Patent, copyright, designs and trademarks belong to intellectual property. The question of infringement and protection of these rights has become a topical issue as in the highly competitive environment the need for fresh ideas is growing. There is also a rise in the damages awarded so companies have to be on alert both in registering patent in time and using patents without licences. Probably that is why intellectual property insurances also came into being.

In Europe this area is covered by the law and meticulously detailed but in the age of social media it is not too difficult to infringe the IP. What’s more with the rise of e-commerce  the copycats are thriving and they lurk on the web to peddle counterfeit products. As there are loopholes and the authorities are inefficient many fall victim of scams. There is no way to authenticate a product and these scammers undermine the reputation of luxury brands.

Certain industries like pharmaceutical companies are especially vulnerable in this respect so the patent system is their lifeblood. Lawsuits run rampant, especially with the appearance of patent trolls – companies that generate income through patent lawsuits. Footing the cost of legal representation is not easy even for the deep pocketed companies so be careful and get in touch with a good law firm!

 Nézzük akkor a jó kifejezéseket!

loophole: törvényi kiskapu

counterfeit: hamisít

damages: kártérítés

patent: szabadalom

infringement of copyright: a szerzői jog megsértése

foot the cost: állni valaminek a költségét

scam: csalás, átverés

undermine: aláás

lurk: ólálkodik

authenticate: hitelesít

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