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Sziasztok Profizmusra Vágyók!

Demkó Andrea vagyok, és segíteni szeretnék nektek profivá válni az üzleti angolban. Igyekszem mindig változatos témákat hozni. Ma arról gyűjtöttem szavakat és hoztam egy kis cikket, milyen kihívás előtt áll az élelmiszer termelésünk.

Ma is csatoltam egy kis feladatot, hogy elmélyíthessétek a szavakat. A megoldást picivel lentebb találjátok.

The world population is not only growing but is becoming more affluent and consumers are getting more fickle. This together with the global scourge of food waste is posing an unprecedented challenge to agriculture.

There is a strong need to improve yields, increase crop resilience, create artificial meat or protein. Eating habits are changing mainly due to the rising standard of living. As countries are developing  people are also shifting to meat or dairy intensive diets but at the same time there is a drive to reduce the usage of conventional meat as it uses space.

Space is the other challenge: there is shrinking availability of arable land so the future is for vertical, urban, indoor farming. With the scarcity of natural resources and the impact of global warming, sustainable solutions should be intensified i.e. enhancing the output without imposing a further burden on natural resources.

Another solution may be GM food. Despite the big opposition on the ground of it not being natural, it might be the only solution to tackle hunger. There is a global shortfall in food production so we need drought and saline resistent crop. What’s more animals need to be fed, to which insect based diet can be the solution.

Technology can also help. There are already food sharing platforms, where the food surplus destinied for the dustbin can be bought for the fraction of the original cost.

affluent: tehetős, jómódú

fickle: csapongó, csapodár

yield: hozam

shrinking: csökkenő

arable land: művelhető terület

scarcity: szűkösség

impose a burden: terhet ró

tackle: elbánik

surplus: fölösleg

fraction: töredék


  1. this is a synonym for extra:

  2. these people are not stable or loyal:

  3. this refers to something that is getting smaller or running out:

  4. this is used to express a small portion:

  5. this means the same as rich:

  6. if you do this, you solve a problem:

  7. a territory on which crop is grown:

  8. it refers to shortage:

  9. it means a heavy load:

  10. that which is produced:




  1. surplus, 2. fickle, 3. shrinking, 4. fraction, 5. affluent, 6. tackle, 7. arable land, 8. scarcity, 9. impose a burden, 10. yield