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Mit gondoltok a munkahelyi teljesítményértékelésről? Unalmas, hasztalan vagy szükséges a fejlődéshez. A Forbes magazin cikke szerint (Liz Ryan) a dolgozónak kell visszajelzés, de általános iskolás osztályozásra nincs szükség. A teljesítményértékelés a múlté.


Making every employee fill out an evaluation form and sit down to talk about it every year is a huge waste of time and energy, and most employees hate performance reviews. If the relationship is healthy between the manager and the employee, they’re having regular conversations anyway.Of course, employees need to be able to get feedback when they need it. If they can get that feedback without being graded like elementary school students then it’s a win-win for everybody. Abolishing performance appraisals will probably be welcomed by everybody.

Performance reviews are artifacts left over from the Industrial Revolution. If employees stand in front of a conveyor belt all day polishing widgets, you can easily count the widgets as they come down the line and see which employees are hitting their goals and which folks are missing them.Knowledge Work is is more complex and nuanced than that. Knowledge Worker jobs don’t boil down to a number of widgets polished per hour or per quarter.

Performance reviews are not effective at improving performance. People need inspiration and encouragement not to mention moving obstacles out of their way.

Performance reviews take up expensive staff hours for no observable gain. It takes hours and hours of time for employees and managers to complete performance review forms, get them approved, set up performance review meetings and handle the paperwork. Who benefits from that massive time and energy investment? Do your customers benefit?  Secondly their purpose is unclear. Many say that it is essential for letting employees know how they’re doing to justify pay increases , or to create a paper trail if someone should need to be terminated Anything you might want to accomplish through performance reviews can be accomplished without them. Perdformance reviews are also unfair because managers vary dramatically in their assessments of Excellent, Good, Average, Fair and Needs Improvement. Performance reviews are also unfair because they tend to weight more recent events and results more heavily than those from earlier in the year. They are unfair because managers have biases. Performance reviews are insulting. Performance reviews cement the bad, old idea that when someone is your supervisor, they sit on a higher plane than you do. That’s ridiculous. A supervisor in today’s Knowledge Economy is an orchestral conductor. The conductor keeps the orchestra together but doesn’t presume to tell the musicians how to play their instruments. Performance assessment is just to keep up a time-honored tradition simply because you’ve always done it.

Do away with it and shift your company culture out of old-fashioned command and control management into new-millennium leadership!”

grade: osztályoz

abolish: eltöröl

appraisals: értékelés

artifact: régészeti lelet

boil down to: visszamegy, visszavezethető valamire

take up: elvesz, elfoglal (időt, helyet)

justify: igazol

accomplish: teljesít

bias: elfogultság

insulting: sértő

presume: vél, gyanít, vélelmez

time honoured: hagyományos

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