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There is no doubt that the traditional concept of workers and workplace is changing. The change was brought about by the technological development such as AI and machine learning. The new buzz word is gig economy or gig workers. What does it mean? The article of Forbes puts it this way:

In case you aren’t familiar, the gig economy is a term that refers to the increased tendency for businesses to hire independent contractors and short-term workers, and the increased availability of workers for these short-term arrangements. Due in part to the popularity of the internet (and with it, the capability for remote work) and in part due to the nature of new apps like Uber and Airbnb (which give more power to independent contractors, and open up new opportunities for gig-based work), the gig economy has flourished in recent years.

According to estimates by 2027 independent contractors will account for the majority of workforce. For businesses it is a great opportunity as they can hire experts for specific projects. They can have access to the expertese they need and at the same time they can cut the cost of overheads, payroll, and the ramp up time. They can use the skills that are relevant to the companies. The freelancers understand that the things they are doing today may not be needed tomorrow so they invest a lot in their own education in order to remain attractive to companies.

It allows companies of all sizes to be better prepared for the ebbs and flows of business life.

From the freelance workers’ point of view independence is the biggest advantage  but the price is precariousness.This form of work may entail a lot of anxiety, which comes from the unpredictable nature of assignments and finances.

The definition of a worker remains the task of courts and tribunals but there is a danger that companies – intentionally or not – misclassify their workers as contractors and it raises the question: what employment protection these are entitled to.

bring about: előidéz, okoz

contractor: vállalkozó, szabadúszó

ramp up time: felfutási idő,

ebbs and flows: apály és dagály vagyis egyszer fent egyszer lent u.a. mint ups and downs

precariousness: bizonytalanság

entail: maga után von, együtt jár

assignment: megbizatás, feladat

be entitled to: jogosult valamire


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