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Izgalmas és aktuális téma a mai: zaklatás a munkahelyen. Sokat cikkeznek manapság erről és ez a blogbejegyzés hozzásegít ahhoz, hogy naprakész legyél minden üzleti témában. Ezen kívül természetesen sok jó angol szót is megtanulhatsz.

Sexual harassment cases have been hitting the headline in Hungary recently and there is a growing number of people coming forward to accuse powerful men not only here but also in the UK and US. Perpetrators are named, shamed and removed and the question emerges how seriously this issue is taken at the workplace.

The floodgates holding back generations of unreported harassment at the workplace seem to be opening wide. Statistics show that 52% of women have experienced sexual harassment at the workplace. Of the minority of women who reported sexual harassment very few saw a positive outcome. In three quarters of the cases no action was taken and in 16% the harassment even worsened.

Unfortunately, few victims are willing to talk about it and get it out in the open mainly because of fear of retaliation or damage to their careers. Sexual harassment is disruptive to teamwork, detrimental to performance, dispiriting for employees and it diminishes women’s confidence.

But how do workplaces react and handle this situation? Are they too permissive and trivialize sexual harassment cases or do they take allegations seriously, address the issue swiftly and impose appropriate sanctions? There are mandatory sexual conduct training courses but their efficiency is queried.

It is without doubt that sexual harassment should be curbed but it also should be clarified what falls within the spectrum of sexual harassment. The truth is, it is difficult to prove therefore it is easy to use these allegations falsly as part of a mudslinging campaign.

harassment: zaklatás

hit the headline: főcímre kerül

perpetrator: elkövető

floodgate: zsilip

retaliation: megtorlás

detrimental: ártalmas

permissive: engedékeny

allegation: állítás, vád

curb: megfékez

mudslinging campaign: lejárató kampány



The recent scandal about the CEO of the big automaker 1……….. His personal assistant came up with the 2……….of sexual 3………. The timing was a bit strange but the P.A. said that she was afraid of 4………..but now she felt encouraged by similar stories coming to light. Her story opened the 5………. and another secretary from a different department plucked up courage to disclose another 6………. The 7……….policy of the company led to a bad atmosphere and damaged the reputation of the firm, which now has decided to 8……….this 9……….situation and crack down on harassment. There are rumours however, that this was just part of the competitor’s 10…………       

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  1. hit the headline, 2. allegation, 3. harassment, 4. retaliation, 5. floodgates, 6. perpetrator, 7. permissive, 8. curb, 9. detrimental, 10. mudslinging