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Ma egy új támával jelentkezem: munkahelyi biztonság, balesetvédelem, szóval HSE téma. A cikk arról szól, mik a leggyakoribb munkahelyi veszélyforrások. Sók jó kifejezés van a cikkben, nemcsak balesetvédelmiseknek!

Work safety is a pivotal issue, and HSE experts, who visit worksites and carry our audits collected the most common safety hazards.

Working at height has a lot of potential dangers, it accounts for 14% of fatalities although there are a lot of regulations concerning scaffoldings, railings and ladders. Sometimes there is a lack of understanding about the necessity to wear fall protection gear or hook themselves to anchor points. As fall protection wears off, regular inspection is needed.

There are housekeeping problems, like when fire and emergency exits are blocked. Another common hazard is overstacking loads on racks in a warehouse. It can be too close to a sprinkler. Leaks or standing water can also lead to slips and trips. Do not wait for housekeeping crew.

Many electrical hazards spotted are related to inappropriate use of extension cords. Apart from shock hazard there is a trip hazard. If multiple extension cords are not used temporarily they should be gathered up at the end of the shift.

There are quite a few forklift related hazards. When people are in a hurry, they tend to take shortcuts. Sometimes the problem boils down to the lack of designated walkways but usually the root cause is that the company is shortstaffed.

Violation of lockout procedures can also cause problems. It can usually be explained by complacency, a rush to finish the works or being unfamiliar with the equipment.

Chemicals can constitute a big hazard. Companies using chemicals must have a rigorous control system. An inventory must be kept with the expiry dates marked down and the employees should know how to dispose of the corrosive, toxic substances properly.

Finally confined spaces can present dangers but if the risk assessment and permit processes are done correctly, employers won’t have a problem.

Spotting hazards requires vigilance: be on alert.

pivotal issue: sarkalatos kérdés

scaffolding: állványzat

railing: korlát

protection gear: védőfelszerelés

rack: polc, állvány, csomagtartó

sprinkler: locsolófej, vízpermetező

spot: kiszúr

extension cord: hosszabbító kábel

trip: megbotlik

shortcut: rövidebb út, útlevágás

designated: kijelölt

constitute: alkot

rigorous: szigorú

corrosive: maró hatású

confined spaces: zárt tér

  1. a typical feature of acids:

  2. part of a fire extinguishing system installed in a building:

  3. catch sb’s foot on something and stumble:

  4. marked clearly:

  5. severe, strictly accurate

  6. fence or barrier

  7. essential, crucial

  8. framework with bars for holding things

  9. make up, form

  10. limited, restricted area


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  1. corrosive 2. sprinkler 3. trip  4.designate  5.rigorous  6. railing 7.pivotal  8.rack 9. constitute  10. confined space