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Sokszor hallom, hogy a cégeknél a legnagyobb probléma a kommunikáció: nem értik, nem figyelnek, nem emlékeznek! Volt már ilyen helyzeted? Ki mondta? Mikor? Erről szól a mostani cikk, és nagyon ajánlom a 10 perces TED videót is.

I often hear people complaining about poor communication in their companies. There are frequent communication breakdowns and the colleagues just point their fingers at everyone else. The messages are vague and contradictory. They often misinterpret something and the larger the group is the more difficult it is to get the message across. Why do communication problems arise?

First there is an information overload and especially employees who have pressing deadlines  will ignore texts and phone calls. Very often people do not remember being told what to do. Another thing is that people easily get caught up  in their own task only without understanding how it is related to the others’ job. Often there are rumours going around, which distract people’s attention.

There are some tips from business leaders for this. First of all keep track of what has been decided or implemented and for this use a project management system to alleviate the issue. It is crucial that the information should be easily accessible. Using messaging apps can help team members get on the same page. Using email for internal communication is not the best option. Another tip for improving internal communications is to foster out-of-office relationships with employees. Developing better out-of-office relationships will help fuel the in-office communication. If you can create a personal bond between employees, then the conversation goes beyond emails between the people sitting next to you.

While there are many digital tools to facilitate communication, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. Get up and walk over to someone’s desk and have a conversation, instead of sending an email or chatting online. When that’s not possible, use a phone or video conference. This not only increases efficiency and productivity, but it fosters a sense of openness, community and culture. Some suggest crafting content for employees and engage them with a story. Reinforce a lesson with customer testimonials. Deliver smaller bits of information over time through different channels. Use humour, riddles, emotion and thoughtfulness. Hold short, standup meetings, which do not disrupt the workflow. You should also be consistent with your communication because it builds trust and employees know what they can count on. Transparency is also a key, employees are more engaged when they are well informed. Finally more opportunities should be created for two-way communication.

Technology has done a lot for business communication but it hasn’t solved all our communication problems. While we often run to new tech when we encounter a communication hurdle, sometimes the best solutions are still delivered by human hands. In most cases it is a combination of both technology and human intervention that provide the best communication solutions.

point sb’s finger at: mutogat valakire

vague: homályos, elmosódott

misinterpret: félreértelmez

get the message across: eljuttatja, megérteti az üzenetet

get caught up: beleragad

keep track of: nyomon követ

alleviate: enyhít

get on the same page: közös nevezőre jutni

foster: ápol, elősegít

bond: kötelék

reinforce: megerősít

riddle: rejtvény

disrupt the workflow: megakasztja a munkafolyamatot

consistent: következetes

hurdle: gát, akadály

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