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Ha találkoztatok már azzal a témával, mennyire nehéz a megfelelő embereket, az igazi tehetségeket felkutatni, oda vonzani a céghez és meg is tartani, akkor ez a cikk nektek szól. Néhány tipp a Forbes üzleti magazinból persze a leghasznosabb szavak listájával!

Most businesses are facing an imortant challenge today: finding and retaining technical talent. There is a lot of competition to attract employees and turnover rates for these positions are also high.The shifting economic landscape contributes to the problem. Technology careers are no longer reserved for technology companies. Every business is in need of IT administrators, web developers, engineers and more.Graduates often want to work for the cool startup or at big technology companies, but you’re also competing with a plumbing company or a law firm for tech talent. Here are Dave Higgins tips from Forbes:

Partner with local universities: Many companies are doing that to hire the outstanding engineering talent produced here. Forging long-term partnerships with local universities and making your brand visible to their students is a considerable advantage when seeking out qualified employees.

Authorize immediate contributions: Another important aspect of the hiring process is providing opportunities for new hires to contribute immediately. Tech talent is eager to make a difference, and they don’t want to sit on the sidelines during the early stages of their career. By opening the door for involvement in significant projects at the outset, you show prospects that they will be valued in your organization and the trust you convey will give you a significant leg-up on the competition.  New engineers should be immediately brought into active design projects and given the opportunity to contribute versus going through weeks of onboarding and acclimation.

Provide educational perks: One of the standout benefits a company can present to any potential employee is the opportunity to learn and take their skills to the next level. Creating benefits packages that include post-graduate education is a carrot young grads in particular often can’t resist and also serves to promote loyalty. If employees feel their organization is investing in them, they are more likely to put that investment back into the company. In addition to tuition reimbursement, encourage employees to look for opportunities to expand their skillsets through conferences, networking events and certification programs. A robust mentoring program also allows recent college graduates and junior engineers to learn from industry veterans.

Project a career pathRetention also comes down to providing employees with a comprehensive plan for career growth. Providing a detailed career path and continuously updating it to match individual preferences and expectations can make members of your team feel both valued and stable.

Celebrate diversityDiversity has been proven time and again to impact the financial and cultural well-being of any company. Diversity creates more opportunities for collaboration because top innovators understand the need for a wide range of perspectives. Working together creates a more engaging environment where people enjoy coming to work each day.


retain: megtart, visszatart

turnover: fluktuáció

outstanding: kiemelkedő

forge partnerships: partnerségi kapcsolatot alakít ki, „kovácsol”

be eager to: nagyon lelkes, hogy valamit megtegyen

sit on the sideline: a kispadon ül, félre van állítva

at the outset: az elején

onboarding training: belépő képzés

perks: ösztönzők, juttatások

tuition reimbursement. a tandíj térítése

come down to: valamire visszavezethető, köze van hozzá

comprehensive: átfogó

diversity: sokszínűség


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