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Mivel a munkahely és a munka világa elképesztő gyorsasággal változik, kihívások előtt áll a HR. Ma erről olvashattok és bővíthetitek a szókincseteket. A cikk alapja a Times brit napilap üzleti magazinja, így a tartalom nemcsak az angolotokat fejleszti, de abban is segít, hogy naprakészek legyetek az üzleti témákban.

Raise your hand if you would like to make a career in HR? According to a poll carried out in 2014 only 10% of HR colleagues feel their profession has good prospects and more than 50% of HR practicioners entered the profession purely by chance. Few people aspire to work in HR. However, HR will be pivotal in the future.

One of the challenges is generation Z that is coming to the workplace. Their technological prowess could cause generational rift. They are ambitious, tech savvy people, who want to work somewhere where they can make a difference. Their primary motivation is not so much money but purpose. Enticing and retaining talent from this generation may require a different HR strategy. The other challenge is that this is the generation that cannot live without YouTube so the question emerges whether they have real world social skills, or if they are good at interacting offline or speaking to customers face to face.

The other delicate issue concerning HR is the impact of automation on workforce. Technology leads to fundamental transformation in all kinds of jobs so more should be invested into people. Basic work will be taken over by automation so we will have time to develop human traits like empathy or loyalty. Not technologically proficient people will be sought for but other human traits will be in the focus and the core competence will be the ability to adopt to swift change.

The pace of change is so much we can no longer guarantee that the job we hire people into now will even exist in a few years’ time. Only core tasks will require permanent employees and the job for life culture will be buried. Consequently we must shift the learning strategy to teach mindsets rather than skills. We should hire people who are self- learners.

poll: felmérés, közvélemény-kutatás

pivotal: sarkalatos, nagyon fontos

prowess: rendkívüli képesség

entice: csalogat, csábít

emerge:  felmerül

delicate: finom, kényes

trait: jellemvonás

swift: gyors

shift: átvált

mindset: szemlélet, gondolkodásmód



  1. quick:

  2. outstanding skill:

  3. mentality, attitude:

  4. tempt and persuade:

  5. change:

  6. survey:

  7. touchy, subtle:

  8. central, essential:

  9. characteristic feature:

  10. come up, crop up

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  1. swift, 2. prowess, 3. mindset, 4. entice, 5.shift, 6. poll, 7.delicate, 8. pivotal, 9. trait, 10. emerge