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Ma is egy új,divatos fogalmat szeretnék veletek megismertetni. Mi is az az employer brand ill. az employer branding? Olvassátok el a mostani bejegyzést és máris okosabbak lesztek.

Employer Brand is the identity of a company as an employer. Every company has an employer brand whether they like it or not. Employer branding is a process which promotes the company as an employeer of choice and this is gaining momentum especially now when companies want to recruit and retain ideal candidates. Having a reputable employer brand is a must for an organization. Why?A strong employer brand will make your employees proud that they are a part of the organization. Being a part of the right company culture is very important for most employees. A majority of employees look at the social media channels of employers before applying for a job to have an idea of the brand image and see if they potentially fit into the company culture.If you have a well-known brand then you don’t need to spend as much on the recruiting costs. Potential candidates will find you and apply to your positions naturally. Also, according to statistics candidates are willing to accept a lower pay, if they work in a company with positive reviews and a well-known brand. Current employees become your brand ambassadors and as a result, hires through referrals increase. The more your employees talk positively about you, the more you get good candidates. Also, when your current employees talk about the business, this helps the brand become stronger without spending much on marketing because awareness increases by word of mouth. This creates a domino effect. When the brand awareness increases, your sales increase in parallel. Employees who work in strong brands are generally more enthusiastic and motivated. Having motivated employees is great for an employer because they are more productive and more productivity means more growth for a business. When a company is continually disappointed with the quality of job applicants, struggling with high turnover and held back by poor employee engagement, it is time to redefine, reinvigorate and reinforce a more desirable employer brand. Building and managing an employer brand is more than just a brand tagline, it is not a one-time project. The employer brand must be strategic and flexible enough to evolve with the company. For this reason, an employer brand can actually be more difficult to manage than a product brand. The employer brand is like a force that moves the organization forward, attracting the right candidates and inspiring employees.

gain momentum: fellendül, lendületre kap

reputable: hírneves

ambassador: nagykövet

word of mouth: szájreklám

struggle: küzd, küszködik

high turnover: magas fluktuáció

reinvigorate: újra felélénkít, életre kelt, életet lehel bele

reinforce: megerősít

tagline: mottó, jelmondat

evolve: kifejlődik, kialakul


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Demkó Andrea