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A mai bejegyzés a Brexit egyik következményéről szól, ami úgy gondolom, sok magyart is érint. Mi lesz, ha a bevándorlók, a külföldi munkaerő elhagyja az országot? Erről szól a mostani rövid cikk.

In the early 1990s the principle of free movement took effect and European citizens started to arrive in Britain. Especially after the accession of the Eastern European countries, the influx of immigrants continued to grow steadily. Now Brexit threatens to reverse this pattern. Arrivals from Poland have hit rock bottom. This trend led many to wonder what Britain will be like.

Harrogate , a northern English town offers a glimpse of life when migrants leave. Harrogate is a spa town, which attracts a lot of newcomers and in 2004 800 Europeans arrived annually but since 2012 more have left than arrived.

What are the consequences? Dozens of shops display help-wanted notices. There are a lot of vacancies in care homes and waiters are also in high demand. Unemployment is low, which allows some workers to drive a hard bargain.

The major industries of the region – hospitality, retail and social care – typically rely on migrants. As the city has no universities casual student workers are thin on the ground.

The outflow is also felt in the housing market since the demand for low end properties has fallen.

One solution can be automation, things which could eliminate the need for human workforce. The other reaction is that businesses tend to hire younger or older workers. But currently it is still an unanswered question who will care for the elderly and wait on tables in a restaurant if migrants continue to leave.


take effect: hatályba lép

accession: csatlakozás

reverse: visszafordít

hit rock bottom: a béka feneke alatt van

offer a glimpse: bepillantást enged

display: kitesz, mutat

vacancy: üresedés, üres állás

care home: öregek otthona

drive a hard bargain: keményen alkuszik

low end: alsó kategóriás


  1. Our sales have………. this months, we should do something if we do not want to get out of business.

  2. Because of the ageing society there is a growing demand for……….

  3. Because of the shortage of workforce, employees can……….when it comes to pay rise.

  4. In our product portfolio we offer everything from luxury to……….products.

  5. If there is a ……….we post it on the Internet site.

  6. The……….of the East European countries imposed a huge challenge to the EU.

  7. The new taxation rules will ……….from January 1st.

  8. This museum………. into how people int he Middle Ages lived.

  9. Her writing……….natural talent.

  10. The government is trying to……….this negative trend.


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  1. hit rock bottom, 2, care home, 3, drive a hard bargain, 4, low end, 5, vacancy, 6, accession, 7, take effect, 8, offers a glimpse, 9, displays, 10, reverse