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Az építőipari kihívásokat hoztam ma témának. Mindenki tudja, hogy ebben az iparágban ma nagy a munkaerőhiány. De hol is áll ez a terület? Mit mondanak erről az okosok? Olvassátok el, most is találtok izgalmas szavakat. Ha pedig hallani is szeretnétek ezeket, a linkre kattintva egy brit építőipari cég beszél a technológi újdonságokról.

Future trends int he  construction industry.

In Britain too few houses are built at too high a price for too few people. That is why the industry would need a changeover. A reviving shot to the ailing industry could be modular homes. It means that there are no bricks or concrete on site but the parts are manufactured in a factory, shipped and bolted together so 80% of the work is done off-site. This is a new way to deliver new buildings  faster and of a better quality. Many industry players support this extolling the benefits. While in Japan 15% of the 1 million new houses built anually are prefabricated. This would reduce the time and the money necessary for the construction and of course the workforce because it is no brainer to see that the aging workforce and the lack of new entrants are disrupting the industry

The tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google or Apple are all building headquarters that reflect their status. These buildings are visually striking and innovative and are on a staggering scale. They boast innovative design and are able to hosts tens of thousand of people. The aim of these ambitious workplaces is to attract and retain best talent and ensure their wellbeing. Apart from being distinctive they are sustainable and display the company’s colours. These flagship buildings are data enabled, which helps sophisticated building management and boost security both cyber and physical.

Technology is changing this industry slowly but steadily although it hesitates to embrace nascent technology and harness it potential. The first 3D printed house was completed in December but apart from this other technologies are slowly creeping in like  Drones, which can be used to map out hazardous construction sites and improve speed, accuracy and safety standards. Smart devices could be used to snag a job, check a project for last minute adjustments. Virtual reality could help with the visualization. Estate agents could tour multiple properties or change the colour scheme or carry out potential refurbishment without visiting the sites.


modular home: könnyűszerkezetű házak

extoll: dicsér, méltat

it is no brainer: nem kell hozzá sok ész, nem bonyolult, nem egy nagy vasziszdasz

striking: feltűnő

staggering: döbbenetes

to host: fogad, befogad

flagship: zászlóshajó, kiemelkedő, élenjáró, vezető vmiben

embrace: megragad, magáévá tesz, elfogad.

harness: hasznosít, szolgálatba állít

creep in: lassan bekúszik

snag a job: megkaparint egy állást

colour scheme: színösszetétel

refurbishment: felújítás


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