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remuneration package:  ez a javadalmazási csomag, ebben minden benne van, gyakran találkozunk ezzel a kifejezéssel pl. álláshirdetésekben: attractive remuneration package
core salary: alap fizetés
fringe benefits: fizetésen felüli juttatások pl. cafeteria
minimum wage: minimálbér
end-of-the-year bonus: év végi bónusz, prémium
payroll: bérlista, bérszámfejtés
sick pay: táppénz
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There are a lot of debates concerning the inequalities of payments e.g. between the salaries of men and women. However, wages should also reflect the performance and the value of the workers especially as financial rewards have a strong motivating effect.
Companies should pay top dollar to those, who have the potential to boost performance. But how do we measure the pound value of somebody’s contribution? Everyone has something to add but it cannot always be tangibly measured.Moreover work is increasingly collaborative and team based. It also brings up the issue of transparency: employees must understand how the differences arise. It is hard to define somebody’s value as more firms scale back their permanent headcount with the rest outsourced to gig workers. But the concept is that those who outperform others should be rewarded and those who simply meet the target should not be offered an identical package.
Universal Basic Income is in sharp contrast to this idea. As we know automation brings about a transformation in economy and it will probably entail severe job losses. The AI revolution will wreak a social dislocation. It gives rise to insecurity and precariousness and temporary agency workers, independent contractors etc. UBI is a proposal to help workers weather job market insecurities. Every citizen regardless of whether they are in work or no tor how much they earn would receive a monthly stipend from the state providing the minimum amount necessary to survive. At the end of the day it is an investment as it would reduce the feeling of insecurity hence reducing the pressure on health services. It would give more bargaining power with employers and would lead to a fair redistribution of wealth.
But how much should that be?  If it is too high, it would lead to a mass labour market withdrawal but if it is too low it would exacerbate poor pay. It may be a good idea to mitigate the social tension that the technological transformation is generating, however it should be financed somehow and the most probable scenario is tax hikes on top earners and elimination of tax allowances.                                                                                                     
boost performance: serkenti/megdobja a teljesítményt
tangibly measured: kézzelfogható módon mérhető
scale back: csökkent, visszafog
in sharp contrast to: éles ellentétben
wreak a social dislocation: társadalmi eltolódást hoz/vált ki
weather insecurities: átvészelni a bizonytalanságot
at the end of the day: végül is, ha jól megnézzük
mitigate the social tension: enyhíteni a társadalmi feszültséget
the most probable scenario: a legvalószínűbb forgatókönyv
tax hikes: adóemelés                                                                                                                                                  
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