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A dohányiparról hoztam egy érdekes cikket. Erről az iparágról nem sok szó esik, különösen a fejlett országokban, pedig akár tetszik, akár nem, a dohányipari cégek jelentős módon hozzájárulnak az államkasszához és a sok korlátozás és adók ellenére köszönik, jól vannak. Mi is tehát a helyzet ma?

According to a recent survey one fifth of the adult population smokes, about 5500 billion conventional cigarettes are sold every year and the Next Generation Products market is predicted to double between 2017 an-21. Despite the restrictions on manufacturing, sales, marketing and packaging – plain packaging, health warnings, smoking bans in public places – the industry is alive and kicking. The increased excise rates led to a price rise but consumers are willing to accept it because of their addiction. Although it had an unintended consequence. the growth in illicit cigarettes. There is also a new trend: the reduced risk products, which are beyond the combustible tobacco. British and American tobacco is the owner of the patent: heat not burn, and other manufacturers splash out a lot of money for it.

Smoking related deaths are still rising and 80% is expected to occur in developing countries. The industry is shifting its focus to poorer, less educated people. Smoking kills 6 million people a year and campaigners say that tobacco is far from being over and done with.

In 2003 a landmark treaty was signed – Framework Convention on Tobacco Control – and the signatory countries passed laws restricting advertising and sales. However, governments are still entangled with powerful companies e.g. the Indian courts are grappling with many lawsuits filed by tobacco companies. What’s more, investors remain enthusiastic about tobacco companies. Smoking causes cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases but that awareness hasn’t trickled down to the population. In many countries people are still spoilt for choice, tobacco products are easily available so people get hooked at a very young age.

Campaigners would like to make tobacco companies civilly and criminally liable for the harms done . Onerous legislations, new levies and potential price caps can be expected in the future. But despite the challenges the industry is facing, it still has its cheerleaders. It is not so easy to stub out!


be alive and kicking: él és virul

excise: jövedéki adó

illicit: illegális

splash out: sok pénzt kiad, egy rahedli pénzt elver, kicsenget

landmark treaty: jelentős nemzetközi szerződés

signatory: aláíró

pass a law: törvényt hoz

be entangled: belegabalyodott

grapple with: bírkózik, küzd

trickle down: lecsorog, leér

be spoilt for choice: sok a választási lehetőség, el van kényeztetve választás szempontjából

get hooked: rákattan, függő lesz, rászokik

onerous: nehézkes, hátrányos, költséges

cheerleader: vezérszurkoló

stub out: elot, elnyomja a cigit

Hallgatnál is valamit a témában?


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Demkó Andrea

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