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A mai cikkem a beszerzés témában íródott. A szokásos beszerzési feladatok mellett milyen új tendenciák jellemzik ezt a szakmát? Hogyan lehet a beszerzés hatékony? Olvassátok el a legfrissebb cikkekből gyüjtött bejegyzésem,aminek most is az a célja, hogy jó kifejezéssel gazdagítsa business English szókincseteket.

Procurement is an essential element of logistics and these days the Chief Procurement Officer has an increasingly important task : spearhead the transition to ethical trade.  This is a twofold challenge: they have to identify the ethical suppliers and malefactors and provide proof of sustainability e. g. the provenance of the product. If there are some unethical practices like child labour somewhere down the supply chain it can damage the company’s reputation. Like with chocolate, it may be a guilty pleasure for us but it is definitely not a pleasure for those children working in the cocoa fields in West Africa.

In the procurement process the conflict of interest has always been an issue so buyers need to be on their guard. Businesses are built on relationship but what happens when relationships are so close that rational judgement is clouded? Procter and Gamble for example makes the procurement emplyoyees move every couple of years. It may drive the suppliers crazy but it provides the necessary safeguards.

Lack of objectivity in a tendering process can also be an obstacle to the beneficial outcome . Political uncertainty turns previously uncontroversial procurement decisions high profile news headlines. Home Office in Britain awarded a contract of post Brexit blue passport to a Franco-Dutch firm over a British company, which stirred debates. However, preferring a domestic company may not be beneficial to the organisation.

As the supply chains are increasingly international the burgeoning trade war that the US is instigating may cause headaches. That’s why it is advisable to isolate processes from unrelated outside influence. Similarly, Brexit is another serious international factor affecting supply chains. A soft Brexit means that the UK may maintain favourable trade terms with the EU but a hard Brexit will disrupt the supply chain. Nevertheless, pre-emptively breaking supply chains based on the fear of the unknown is problematic. Despite this 45% of EU businesses are finding local companies to replace the UK partners.

spearhead: élen jár, vezet, éllovasa valaminek

twofold: kétszeres

malefactor: gazember, gonosztevő

provenance: származás, eredet

be on the guard: örködik

safeguard: biztosíték

high profile: magas szintű, nagy jelentőségű

award a contract: odaítél egy szerződést

stir: felkavar, gerjeszt

instigate: provokál, szít

disrupt: felborít, feldúl

pre-emptively: előzetesen

Hallgatni is szeretnél? Jól érthető BBC video a Brexit hatásairól a supply chain-e.


 Jó tanulást, legyetek profik, én segítek ebben!

Demkó Andrea