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Ma a gyógyszeriparról olvashattok egy jó kis cikket. Ez egy jelentős iparág és ebben a kis elemzésben képet kaphattok az iparági trendekről. A cikkben talált információk szakmai, business lapok pl a Forbes magazin írásai alapján lettek összeállítva, vagyis megbízhatóak. És legfőképpen kiváló lehetőség a gyakorlásra.

The pharmaceutical industry plays a crucial role in most developed economies including Hungary. It is traditionally regarded as a development centred industry but when it comes to manufacturing it is stuck in the past. They still work with  labour intensive methods based on batch processes that are prone to contamination. The different parts of the process sometimes take place at different plants then packed in a separate process. The batches of partially finished medicines must be moved so contamination can happen. Continuous manufacturing is the future that is going to transform production that combines the segmented steps into one cohesive process.

3D printing is gaining traction. An epilepsy medicine has been produced with a 3D printer. It prints out the drug layer by layer to make it dissolve faster. It will work in tandem with continuous manufacturing and it is vital for the pharmaceutical industry to embrace such development. This will bring about changes: there will be smaller factories and faster production which will be closer to where they are needed. This will mean lower inventories and warehousing costs.

Apart from that there are other visible trends.Firstly, patients should be more involved and treated as equal partners. It is easier to develop new products if the needs of the customers are well known. Secondly, it is not enough to simply produce medicine, a complete package should be offered e.g. digital health apps, wearable devices.

Technology and scientific advancement are helping pharmaceutical companies to produce a quantum leap. There are digestible sensors that track the digestion and absorption of drugs after they are swallowed. Augmented Reality can help nurses find veins easier. Precision medicine takes into account individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle. In oncology for instance these could directly attack cancer cells without damaging other tissues.

Finally the sales and marketing workforce will be replaced by a new model. They will be smaller, more agile and smarter as there is a shift from a mass market to a target market approach.

play a crucial role: kulcsszerepet játszik

be stuck: el van akadva

labour intensive: munkaigényes

be prone to: hajlamos valamire

gain traction: új lendülethez jut

dissolve: feloldódik

embrace: megragad, magáévá tesz

produce a quantum leap:hatalmas ugrást tesz, ugrásszerű fejlődést mutat

take into account:figyelembe vesz

agile:fürge, gyors, agilis


  1. This tablet must be put in water and in a second it will………

  2. I feel I……….in my career so I would like to change.

  3. When making a decision in such a vital issue many factors must be……….

  4. Only a reformed education system can contribute to an……….knowledge society.

  5. The innovative mindset and policy……….in the company’s success.

  6. Investment in digital technology helped the company to……….

  7. Women are more……….dismissals and are more likely to get a lower salary then their male counterparts.

  8. Those companies that ……….changes will remain competitive.

  9. This is an old and……….process that must be replaced by cutting edge technology.

  10. The project has lost steam but now it is……….due to an increased interest.






1, dissolve, 2,am stuck, 3, taken into account, 4, agile, 5, pays a crucial role, 6, produce a quantum leap, 7,prone to, 8, embrace, 9, labour intensive, 10, gaining traction