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Kedves Profizmusra Vágyók!

Remélem, új lendülettel indultok az új évnek, és lelkesen tervezitek az angol tudásotok fejlesztését, szinten tartását. Most az év elején egy olyan cikkel indítok, amiben arról van szó milyen trendek várhatók a jövőben, hogyan alakul majd a munkaerő piac stb. pl a Forbes vagy a World Economic Forum szerint.

What are the current trends and what kind of changes can be expected in the business world? You do not need to be a fortune teller to anticipate that sharing economy has a big potential. While AirBnb is a household name there are many emerging platforms posing a threat to companies of conventional business model.

Electric cars are also quickly developing although they have a long way to go to revolutionize battery technology or distribution stations.

Our computers and mobile phones are networked and by 2020 millions of devices will be ready for networking – that is called the Internet of Things. These devices in our homes will be able to communicate.

Manufacturing will not be limited only to big factories; 3D printing will catch on. There will be smart cities, where trash cans and the sewage system will be smart. As the solar energy price is falling this industry will evolve but there is also a huge potential in online education and training.

What kind of changes will all this bring about in the labour market? According to the estimates of the World Economic Forum a total of 7.1 million jobs could be lost, mainly the white collar, administrative types of jobs are at risk. But certain occupations will be more in demand. More data analysts will be required to help executives make head or tail of the data generated. Computer related and engineering jobs will remain stable. There will be a growing need for more specialized people in sales, who can explain the companies’ offers to a wide range of clients and are knowleadgable and understand the ins and outs of mobile advertising.

Senior managers will be needed to lead companies through periods of transformation. Creativity will be a top skill in demand; while a lot of monotonous jobs can be automated creative jobs still require a human. Companies will invest in reskilling the employees so human resource professionals will not be without job, either.

anticipate: megjósol, előre lát

household name: közismert név

pose a threat: fenyegetést jelent

catch on: elterjed, divatba jön

sewage system: csatornahálózat, szennyvízrendszer

evolve: kialakul, kifejlődik

bring about: előidéz, okoz

make head or tail of:ért

knowleadgable: tájékozott

ins and outs: csínja-bínja


  1. It will take about one or two years for this device to……….

  2. While the American constitution was planned, the British constitution……….

  3. A good manager can ……….what the competition will do.

  4. You had better ask her; she is very ……….about art.

  5. This new technology will……….changes in manufacturing.

  6. The big brands like Coca Cola have become……….

  7. He has been here for years, he should know the ………. of the jobb y know.

  8. Terrorism ………. to the whole economy.

  9. I can’t ……….these instructions, they are so complicated.

  10. It is the task of the municipality to maintain the ……….





1. catch on, 2. evolve, 3. anticipate, 4.knowleadgable, 5. bring about, 6. household names, 7. ins and outs, 8. poses a threat, 9. make head or tail of, 10. sewage system