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Demkó Andrea vagyok, a cégek és cégvezetők nyelvi szakértője. Jelentkezem újra a manufacturing témában. Ez talán a mérnökök kedvence, de mindazok fejleszthetik magukat, akik az üzleti angolban szeretnének profivá válni. https://www.raconteur.net/future-manufacturing-2017  

In the UK there are four major shortcomings in manufacturing: lack of proper training, lack of ties with universities to transfer knowledge, lack of focus on ultra high tech and lack of spirit of adventure.

Repatriation of manufacturing to Europe is a controversial issue. China has been a manufacturing hub for decades now but does this country still have the potential? There is a growing middle class and the traditional drivers of growth such as investment in infrastructure are losing steam. This country cannot rest on its laurel as other India, Indonesia, Vietnam are nipping at its heels.

The economy needs a makeover; the government wants to shift the economy towards the high end, cutting edge sector. The futur for China is no longer the low end manufacturing but thy want to add value.

Another problem is China’s disregard for intellectual property rights. This is a country of copycats so the question emerges: how can Europe compete in this unequal battle? Can open source manufacturing be the solution?

Digital manufacturing is the future but somehow companies seem to be reluctant to invest a huge amount of money in it so much the more that automation is responsible for job losses. This is what Mr. Trump might have misunderstood when he promised to restore the glory of the American manufacturing industry.

Let’s see some useful expressions!

rest on sb’s laurel: nyugszik a babérjain

emerging economies: feltörekvő gazdaságok

cut the ribbon: átvágni a szalagot (valami felavatásánál, megnyitásánál)

repatriation: hazahozatal, visszatelepítés

shortcoming: hiányosság

be reluctant to:  vonakodik megtenni valamit

lose steam: kifullad, erejét veszti

makeover: teljes átalakulás

cutting edge: ultra modern

nip at sb’s heel: vk sarkában van


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