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Ma egy újabb üzleti szituációt adok közre az Ultimate Business English-ből, csak hogy kicsit kedvet csináljak a könyvhöz.  Ha meghallgatjátok a szituációt találtok jó kifejezéseket amiket a meetingeken bátran használhattok, ha javaslatot akartok tenni.


-There have been a lot of problems with the new training courses.  There is a very low turnout rate.

-1………. our colleagues to give us their honest opinion and say why they do not want to go?

-Probably they won’t be totally honest.

-2……….a questionnaire which would allow them to speak about the problems honestly?

-I do not see the point, the training courses are mostly compulsory.

-Yes but the time of the training is really inconvenient, people often have excuses, you know an important project and deadlines.

-3………. the courses more flexibly, I mean adapting them more to the requirements of the employees.

-Well it is not always easy to find a time which suits everybody. You know we have people here from many different departments.

-Then 4………. to let each department have their own courses, exclusively to their own people.

-I do not think it is a viable option, it would incur extra costs.

-I think it is not just about the time sometimes I have the impression that the people are not too interested in time management and handling conflicts – things that have nothing to to with their profession.

-5………. a survey about people’s preferences and organizing the courses accordingly?

-You are right, that sounds very logical.

-6………. make attendance absolutely voluntary.

-Yes but most of the training would fall through then.

-That is the point. It would show us where the real interest lies.

-7………. English language training, they are the most demanded.

-No wonder. After all it is a multinational company.Well, maybe it is time we reorganized the whole training system.


Jó tanulást kívánok!

Demkó Andrea

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  1. What if we asked.. 2, Why don’t we create.. 3, Couldn’t we just organize.4,  the answer could be 5. How about taking 6. Another option would be to 7. Supposing we just offered