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Ma is új és érdekes témáról olvashattok. Az energiaválság idején nagyon sok kérdés felmerül és ebből néhánnyal foglalkozik a bejegyzésem, persze ügyelve arra, hogy ebben a témában is megismerjetek jó és hasznos kifejezéseket.

The energy question is a complex issue. Everybody knows that we are running out of non renewable sources and fossil fuels also contribute to global warming but there is a fundamental change in the perception of renewables – these are rapidly turning into the alternative of energy provision. New technologies are bringing about changes, firstly they make the solar and wind supply more predictable, secondly they lower the prices and thirdly they develop the storage of them. The transformation of the current energy system is gaining pace and unstoppable. The UK electric grids are at the forefront in terms of the volume of integrating renewables in the power supply.

Battery technology is key to development of electric vehicles as well as renewable energy generation and storage. Some car producers announced an ambitious plan that their new models will be partially or completely battery powered. Other manufacturers will follow suit. Such is the drive to electrify but batteries can be the bottleneck. The booming consumer electronics is also dependent on lithium-ion technology, which means that the stress on the supply chain is bound to increase. Can the industry keep up?  The other issue is that lithium and carbon emitting. Cobalt – the other important metal is mined by children in horrendous conditions. 17% of it is stockpiled by hedge funds. Nickel mining also has a poor environmental record, let alone the fact that it causes cancer. So clean technology obviously has a dirty side.

Water is another precious commodity. It is important at the level of large scale power generation and also for cooling. In India there were many power plant shutdowns because of water shortage. Agriculture is the largest freshwater consumer. Water is susceptible to climate change, it has an impact on water cycle. In Africa rain feeds 98% of agriculture, if it reduces, irrigation will increase. Energy efficiency is key as there is a strong interdependence between water, energy and food.

perception: felfogás, megítélés

bring about: előidéz, okoz

predictable: előre látható, kiszámítható

gain pace: lendületet nyer, üteme felgyorsul

electric grid: villamosenergia hálózat

follow suit: követi a példáját

stockpile: készletet felhalmoz, tartalékol

hedge fund: fedezeti alapok

be susceptible to: hajlamos, érzékeny valamire

irrigation: öntözés

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