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A mostani bejegyzés témája a digitális marketing. De meglepetésünkre a nagyobb márkák már nincsenek feltétlenül odáig a digitális marketingért, és egyre többen kérdőjelezik meg ennek hatékonyságát. Érdekes cikk következik, sok jó kifejezéssel.

Over one hundred years ago, John Wanamaker proclaimed, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”  Now it seems that for the first time an in-depth study has been carried out to quantify the total profit generated by different forms of advertising to reveal what they deliver to the bottom line. The ProfitAbility examined 2000 advertisement campaigns and 11 different forms and they concluded that TV outperforms all other ads, which raised the eyebrows of many C-suiters. TV seems to be incredibly popular in the UK.

Digital ads are not as efficient and trustworthy as one would think. The rise of digital advertising brought an array of disreputable practices starting from fraud, viewability problems, which can deal a blow to the image of brands.. Firstly the ads appear next to grossly inappropriate content like terrorism or other extreme things. Viewability is a major concern, users do not always scroll down the page. There are even websites that falsify visits. More and more people download ad-blockers to avoid the interruptive and intrusive ads.

Procter & Gamble also criticised the digital ad industry for behaving like an unruly teenager who does not take responsibility seriously. It is murky at best and fraudulent at worst. Big brands are rewriting their codes of practices to show that they are transparent and they won’t bombard customers with unsolicited and irrelevant ads. To avoid pitfalls they try to take back control of advertising processes. Many have slashed the whitelists – the pages their ads can appear. They try to focus on quality and context and not just on volume and reach. Unilever, for example makes 30% fewer ads and has halved the number of agencies it works with. So experts anticipate a swingback to trusted and regulated media like TV.

Most digital ads are ignored or badly produced but channel fatigue wil give way to the new era of channel quality.

bottom line: jelentheti azt, hogy a lényeg de pénzügyileg a mérleg szerinti eredményre utal. Használják tárgyalásoknál arra utalva, hogy ennél lejjebb már nem mennek az alkuval: This is our absolute bottom line.

outperform: túlteljesít, jobban teljesít Az out.. mindig arra utal, hogy több, jobb mint a másik pl. outnumber=létszámban felülmúl

raise the eyebrows: megemeli a szemöldökét, vagyis elcsodálkozik, ledöbben

array: sor, rend

grossly: durván, vastagon, otrombán

scroll down: legörget

intrusive: tolakodó

unruly: engedetlen, rakoncátlan

murky: zavaros, homályos

pitfall: buktató

unsolicited: kéretlen

slash: hasít, vág, megvág, lecsökkent

swingback: visszalengés, eltolódás az ellenkező irányba

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