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El tudjátok képzelni, hogy a munkahelyeken függőágyak vannak kitéve, ha délután pihenni szeretnétek, a hétfőt kezdhetnétek a beach-en és magatok határozhatnátok meg a fizetéseteket, esetleg kirughatnátok a főnökeiteket? Nem, nem szedtem be semmit, ez a valóság. Ha még nem hallottatok róla, olvassatok erről a nagyon is jól működő vállalati modelről!

Mr Semler – the CEO of a Brasilian manufacturing company, Semco –  is the proponent of participative management and believes that a company thrives best when it trusts its employees, who are naturally capable of self direction and self control. Corporate democracy provides the resilience that helps companies flourish in turbulent times. And the proof of the pudding is eating: the company weathered a deep decline when others went bankrupt in the twisted Brasilian economy.

How did it start? When the canteen was a subject of endless complaints the employees were asked to help improve it and eventually some workers ended up responsible for food service management.

Then the employees were allowed to set their own working hours as Sao Paulo is prone to paralyzing traffic jams o workers coul avoid long unpredictable commute. To the sceptics: the anticipated hiccups never happened  as they ended up having a core group arriving approximately at the same time.

Next, they let employees set their own compensation. Semco added 10% to help reduce employee turnover, what is more, everyone’s salaries were published  for all to see. Semco’s top to bottom commitment  to participative management has yielded a remarkable degree of unity.

There are many other practices strange to a conventional business organisation. Subordinates hire and review their supervisors. Hammocks are scattered for afternoon naps, employees are encouraged to spend Monday mornings on the beach if they spend Saturday afternoon at the office.

The headquarters has bright, airy rooms , where the walls are decorated with contemporary Brasilian art, but there is a noticable absence of offices, administrative assistences and cubicles. There are workstation pods shared by seniour executives and young recruits.

Participative management is still a rarity because –as Semler puts it – people in charge do not want to give up control and secondly few believe that mankind will work towards its best when given freedom. Mr Semler is the exception: He has put theory into practice


proponent: támogató

thrive: virágzik

be prone to: hajlamos

hiccup: csuklás de átvitt értrelemben fennakadás, döccenő

 yield: hozam, hoz, terem

hammock: függőágy

nap: szunyókálás

contemporary: kortárs

cubicle: irodafülke,

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Demkó Andrea

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