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Kicsit rendhagyó a mai blogbejegyzés. Mivel a brit NHS, vagyis az ottani OEP most lett 70 éves, sokat lehet erről olvasni a brit lapokban. Így gondoltam nézzük meg, most az egészségügy témáját!

In Britin today public spending on health is 7.3%, while this figure in Hungary is less than 5%. Despite this the system has ailments, the service has deteriorated and the low growth in funding has put the service under strain.

NHS-the National Health Service in the UK (equals the Hungarian OEP) celebrated its 70th birthday on 18 June. It is the first universal health system in the world free at the point of use. The Prime Minister Mrs May admitted that the demand is outsripping the NHS’s ability to supply care. The reason is that it cannot keep pace with the growing and ageing population. There are more patients turning up with more complex cases, what’s more, the cost of medical technology keeps rising. However, Mrs May promised to do more than apply a sticking plaster, she has pledged to increase spending.

Where will the money come from? Either from Brexit, but it is not for certain whether Brexit will expand the available cake for public spending or shrink it. The other option is to spend less on other things like defence.

Healthcare is not only an issue in Hungary, it needed reforms in the USA. The Obamacare took effect in 2010 and mandated health insurance for all. It expanded subsidies for middle income families and taxed healthcare providers and higher income earners. Those without insurance had to pay an extra 2.6 % tax. The purpose was to lower healthcare costs overall.

Unlike most developed countries, the US does not have a national health system, and since Americans have the most expensive system in the world, even a hospital trip can be financially ruinous. This is why health insurance is such a necessity.

Most Americans get insurance one of three ways: through government programmes for the poor and elderly called Medicaid and Medicare, through their employer, or through the online marketplaces set up by Obama’s Affordable Care Act in 2010. Mr Trump, however wishes to undo this.

ailment: betegség, baj

put sg under strain: megerőltet, igénybe vesz

outstrip:meghalad, felülmúl

turn up:megjelenik

sticking plaster: ragtapasz

pledge: megfogad, megígér

shrink:összemegy, csökken

take effect:hatályba lép


Do you think healthcare is problematic only in Hungary? Watch these short videos about British hospitals!





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