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A mai szituáció egy teljes állásinterjú, amit az Ultimate Business English könyvből teszek közzé. Ma már sokszor zajlik angolul az állásinterjú, ez pedig egy jó példa lehet. Hallgassátok meg és írjátok be a hiányzó szavakat

A Job Interview

– So, can we continue the interview in English? You know, this position 1………. a good command of English. Tell me about yourself!

– I am a well organized, systematic person. I have always worked in the area of logistics and at my previous workplace before I left I was the purchasing manager.

– Why did you leave your job?

 – It was for a practical reason. My husband was 2……….  to the subsidiary of his company, which is in this city. But, to tell you the truth, I also found myself bored and I had been looking for a bigger challenge.

– Why should we hire you?

– In the advertisement you stated that you were looking for a stock control manager with experience and I do have an 3……….  into logistics. As I have worked in production planning and demand management I am well aware of the challenges of logistics. Apart from that I have also had a managerial position, where I could effectively manage about eight employees.

– What were the biggest challenges for you at work?

– To 4………. with the unforseen difficulties. One particular difficulty I remember was when our sole supplier went bankrupt. It was tough to ensure the 5………. supply was not interrupted. But anyway, the biggest headache was always caused by human conflicts.

– How do you handle stress and pressure?

– When I have to work in a fast paced environment it invigorates me. I think I am quite good at multi-tasking, this is an 6………. quality of a good manager.

– Do you regard it as your greatest strength?

– Actually organization is my strong point. I can see through complicated systems and I am able to quickly 7………. the weak points in them and put things right.

– What about your weaknesses?

– I am a perfectionist and I have self imposed rules that I tend to expect others to follow. In fact I try not to have unrealistic 8……….. towards colleagues.

– What are your aims or ambitions for the future?

– I would like to find my place, where I can really use my talents and abilities to the full. I want to feel useful and 9………. to the success of the company.

– Thank you! Do you have any questions?

– What position does warehousing have in the company’s logistics system?

– Our logistics department is quite big. There are separate teams to deal with forwarding, production planning and 10……….. We have three warehouses so they have a significant share in logistics.

– Would I be in charge of all three?

– Naturally, yes.

– I see. When will you let me know?

– In fact we have two other candidates. Probably at the beginning of next week.






1, requires, 2, relocated, 3, insight, 4, cope with, 5, seamless, 6, essential, 7, spot, 8, expectations, 9, contribute, 10, procurement