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Sziasztok! Ebben a mostani bejegyzésben a customer service kihívásait összegeztem nektek. Ezeket írják ma a brit business lapok. Ha ezen a területen dolgozol mindenképpen érdekes lesz:
Customer Service in most companies is of paramount importance. Let’s have a look at major challenges that CSM is facing.
Firstly the question of automatization. Chatbots or virtual service agents are able to disassemble human generated text into categorized semantic meaning. They can understand us and talk back. But in order to seamlessly integrate them into customer service we need to provide them with a pool of data from which they can draw experience. And even if they are able to handle complex questions, will customers get the personal treatment and human touch from them?
GDPR is another looming danger. It is still not clear how companies will offer personalized products that customers demand in an era of tighter control of personal data. Many believe that tighter privacy requirements could improve  customer experience. The intention of the rule is not to prevent use of data rather to create more transparency. Individuals are more than happy to surrender their data as long as they are confident that it is going to be used in an intelligent way.
Social media is a new area of challenge for CSM. WeChat in China has gone way beyond being just a messaging app. A similar social app is yet to evolve in the west. Merchants in Asia have already realized that they must have an omnichannel strategy. As social shopping florishes there will be more touchpoints and interactions with corporations and they will permeate other walks of life.
What about customer service development in B2B areas? Companies that serve customers have made great strides in customer service in recent years but those that serve other businesses have lagged. B2B relationships are less about price and product features and more about customer experience. B2B customers do not buy things for personal gratification, they do that as part of their job so they want it to be efficient and easy. One dissatisfied account walking away can deal a devastating blow to a company.
looming: azt jelenti fenyegető, közelgő, olyan, ami már a fejünk felett lebeg
surrender: megadja magát de azt is jelenti, hogy átad, vagy lemond róla
evolve: kifejlődik, kialakul valami, lassan kibontakozik
permeate: áthat (a levegőt, a gondolkodásunkat stb)
to make strides: nagy lépéseket tesz Míg a step egy egyszerű lépés a stride már nagy lépésre utal
for personal gratification: a gratification azt jelenti: öröm, elégtétel. A kifejezés arra utal, hogy nem a saját személyes megelégedésükért
deal a devastating blow to: súlyos csapást mér valamire
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