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A mai blogomban azt a témát járom körül, milyen a sikereses vagy rosszul gondolt startup. Ez ma egy nagyon divatos szó, nézzük, mit tudunk róla!

What is a startup and what is not?  According to Wikipedia a startup is a newly emerged business that grows fast and tries to solve critical pain points of its target audience. Launching a startup is not only the matter of a good, groundbreaking idea.  Impressive ideas may fail because of poor execution, . It has to provide real value to people with its products or services. Ideas are valuable only when you are ready to put in your creativity and sweat, execute your ideas and obtain measurable results. If you have a good idea work out a startegy, execute it and if it makes profit then it is a start up compny.

What are some of the typical mistakes that founders commit? If they are adamant that their idea is destined to change the world or, at the very least, disrupt entire industries. Unfortunately, companies like Uber, Facebook or Instagram are exceptions to the rule, and people who can really make a difference on a global scale are few.

There are the global success fanatics. For this founder, prioritizing one single niche is too small; they are here to conquer the world. Going big isn’t necessarily a bad thing but, with startups, it makes sense to focus on one industry first, and then, step by step, emulate that success in other industries.

As a startup founder, keep risk in mind. Chances of success are pretty slim, so always test your idea before implementation, choose one niche to cement your position and, only then, go global. Otherwise, you risk losing funding and ruin your chances to find another investor any time soon.

Finally. do not seek funding for a startup that is  unprofitable. A startup isn’t a huge furnace to throw piles of cash into. Investing in a broken business just because it calls itself a startup is insane, but many investors follow this route anyway. They allow self-proclaimed business gurus to trick them into believing that money-losing companies can magically turn into a golden goose.. A startup is a company that survives without having to squeeze money from every investor they encounter.



emerge: felbukkan, megjelenik

target audience: célközönség

groundbreaking: forradalmi, úttörő

execute: végrehajt, kivitelez

adamant: hajthatatlan

exception to the rule: kivétel a szabály alól

niche: piaci rés

emulate: utánoz, követi a példáját, verseng

furnace: kazán

insane: őrült, elmebeteg


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