Oldal kiválasztása


Most egy kicsit az írást szeretném megkönnyíteni nektek, és megosztok néhány business témájú emailt, javaslatokkal, amit az Ultimate Business English Writing könyvemből hoztam nektek. Láthattok példát egy jelentésre, egy javaslattevő levélre és néhány olyan emailre is, ami tele van angolos phrasal verb-ökkel.

A report

To: Peter Balinski, CEO

From: Carl Howanski, Product Manager

subject: response to product quality issues and reputational damage


This report was commissioned by the CEO of OxyLife Ltd. in response to allegations by competitors that the new product, Smart Water does not meet the quality standards and contains traces of toxins.


Research conducted in external and independent laboratories clearly demonstrates that no traces of toxins can be found in Smart Water and consequently it poses absolutely no risk to health. At the same time investigation revealed and proved the several beneficial properties of the product, each perfectly complying with the purity and health claims of the marketing campaigns.


In light of the above findings we reached the following conclusions. It is clearly understood that the false allegations were part of the adverse publicity launched by our competitors. Currently there is no solid evidence but this rumour and false allegations had an impact on our sales and were detrimental to the brand. Our sales figures dropped by almost 40% and obviously the reputational damage favours the two other rival products: Spring and Detox. Immediate actions must be taken.


I therefore recommend that firstly the company should without delay consult the legal department and start legal proceeding for damage to reputation. It would be the right step not only because of the unrighteous claims but also because it would show to the public that we do believe in our premium product. Secondly, a press release should be issued to refute the claims by factual evidence from the laboratory investigations. Thirdly, an extensive marketing and PR campaign should be conducted to restore customers’ confidence. The situation is rather critical but I am confident that with the help of these actions we can avoid long term damage.

Carl Howanski

this report was commissioned by: ….:….bízott meg a jelentés elkészítésével

in response to allegations: válaszul a vádakra

research clearly demonstrates: a kutatás világosan bebizonyította

investigation revealed: a vizsgálatok kimutatták

in light of the above findings: a fent említettek fényében

it is clearly understood: teljesen egyértelmű

were detrimental to: hátrányosan érintették

immediate actions must be taken: azonnali intézkedés szükséges

I therefore recommend: ezért javaslom

it would be the right step: ez lenne a helyes lépés

a press release should be issued to refute the claims: sajtóközleményt kellene kiadni, hogy cáfoljuk az állításokat

restore consumers’ confidence: helyreállítani a fogyasztók bizalmát


we identified three main scenarios – három forgatókönyv lehetséges

issue a categorical denial – kategórikusan utasítsuk vissza

observations confirmed that – a megfigyelések azt igazolták

the investigation justified the concerns – a kivizsgálás igazolta az aggályainkat

our policy should be revised – felül kellene vizsgálni a politikánkat

this is the only action that could terminate the risk, however, its opportunity costs are high – ez az egyetlen olyan lépés, ami véget vethetne a kockázatnak, viszont magas az alternatív költsége

on the basis of evidence presented above I would rule out this scenario – a fentiekben bemutatott bizonyíték alapján kizárnám ezt a forgatókönyvet

we have little choice but to reject this – nincs más választásunk, mint visszautasítani ezt

a task force should be set up to   – egy munkacsoportot kellene felállítanunk, hogy…

TASK: You were commissioned to write a report about your visit to the newly bought plant in Tunesia. Write about your experience and the shortcomings and make suggestions for improvements.

An email of proposal

Hi George,

I have been recently informed about the failure of the Middle East project and it was second in a row. I am sorry, mate! But I have some impressions that I thought I would share with you. I do not want to add more to your plate as I am sure you are under a lot of pressure and full of doubts and question marks. But let me tell you a few things that may prove to be beneficial to you in the next campaign.

I believe you did a great job but what you should do next time is to dig deeper in the culture. What I missed was a bit more cultural awareness. I know that you consulted an agency but it was not a good choice. My suggestion is that you should find someone locally. Why don’t you contact an agency from the Middle East? I tried to persuade John to fork out money for that but he said he did not want to exceed the budget.

Secondly, my advice to you is to rebrand the product. Yo failed to take into consideration that certain words sound differently in different cultures. Now if I were you I would give it a try: consult someone who lives there, who is a native speaker. Don’t make the same mistake again. I think there is nothing wrong with the product, the key is a deeper knowledge of the culture. Let me know if I can help.


let me tell you a few things that may prove to be beneficial to you in the next campaign: hadd mondjak néhány dolgot, ami jótékonynak bizonyulhat a következő kampánynál

what you should do next time is: legközelebb azt kellene csinálni, hogy

what I missed was: amit hiányoltam..

my suggestion is that you should find: azt javaslom, hogy keress

why don’t you contact an agency from the Middle East: miért nem léptek kapcsolatba egy közel-keleti ügynökséggel?

my advice to you is: azt tanácsolom neked

if I were you, I would give it a try: ha a helyedben lennék, megpróbálnám

the key is: a kulcs a…


I think it is high time to reorganize the whole department – nagyon itt az ideje, hogy átszervezzük az osztályt

with respect, you should reconsider your ideas about this acquisition – tisztelettel, át kellene gondolni a felvásárlással kapcsolatos ötleteit

we have to work out a contingency plan and take immediate actions – ki kell dolgoznunk egy B tervet és azonnali intézkedéseket kell tennünk

don’t you think it would be a good idea to postpone the product launch? – nem gondolja, hogy jó ötlet lenne elodázni a termékbevezetést?

TASK: your boss asked you to make suggestions about how to improve security and prevent accidents. Write him an email.

Emails with phrasal verbs

Dear Paul Gibblings,

You know we are an audio equipment company but we have decided to branch out into mobile phones. The CEO brought in an expert to assess the business. He confirmed that we could cash in on the new demand for smart phones. We started a negotiation with a possibble manufacturer but the deal fell through. Now we are looking for a potential partner, so the question is: when can we fix up a time to hammer out the details?  If you think we can sort something out, please get back to me asap.

Best regards

Michael Jackson

purchasing manager

Hi Jack,

I heard through the grapevine that your company is cutting back on the expenses and is planning to contract out most of the IT work. Got the idea that we might hook up to provide services. Don’t worry! You do not need to lock all your money into the investment. We just have to put together a good offer. We might need to take two more people on but I will fill you in on the details later. Now let me run some numbers by you to give you an idea of the costs….

Hello Evelyn,

As you may know Mr Johnson has stepped down as a CEO and he is going to turn over many of his functions to your department. (Anyway, it will be headed up by Peter Jenkins from Scotland, so you will be reporting to him). The new plant manager is an English guy, Peter Wagner, who willcarry out some changes. His major task will be streamlining and reengineering. He is going to phase out the old machinery and dispose some of the company’s assets as a way of raising money. He hasn’t ruled out the need for job cuts.

George has already been laid off. You know he kept coming in late and the department head was warned not to put up with such behaviour. We would like to fill in for him but just for the time being. It would be a great help if you applied for this position. The new boss will appreciate your „enthusiasm”. Drop me a line as soon as you can.


Linda Grey

branch out into: új területre merészkedik, új üzletbe vág

bring in: behoz

cash in on: „kaszál”, hasznot húz

fall through: meghiusúl

fix up a time: lebeszél egy időpontot

hammer out: kidolgoz

sort out: megold

get back to: visszajelez, visszaszól

cut back on: csökkent, visszavág

contract out: kiszervez

hook up: összeáll

lock into: beleöl, beletesz, leköt

take on: felvesz

fill in: tájékoztat

run by: számokat lefuttat

step down: lemond, visszavonul

turn over to: átad vkinek

head up: vezet, vezetője

carry out: kivitelez

phase out: fokozatosan kivon

rule out: kizárja vm. lehetőségét

lay off: elbocsájt

put up with: elvisel, tolerál, beér

fill in for: helyettesít