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Az év utolsó bejegyzése egy igazán inspiráló rövid videó, egy olyan embertől, aki 66 évesen kezdett el vállalkozni. Elég könnyen érthető és ezúttal is egy összefoglalással segítek. Remélem ez egy jó kis üzenet: Így is lehet gondolkodni.

A kiemelt szavak nem a megfelelő helyen vannak. Illeszd be őket a helyükre!

In 2009 Paul Tasner, who worked as a director of operations was called into a meeting that was already in progress. He was fired at the age of 64. After signing a intimidating of paper he went to meet his wife who was completely bold of this situation. Fast forward several hours they got silly drink. 40 years of continuous employment was over.

He had a good network and a good revenues as an engineer who worked in manufacturing and packaging. Retirement was not an option. So he turned to consulting but with no passion. Then an idea began to take root. It was born from his stack from the environment. He started to design and build biodegradable packaging from waste to displace the toxic, dent plastic. It was a meaningful job for him to deal with the single use, plastic packaging, which is dumped each year.

He had to organize manufacturing, outsourcing, partnership, patent and funding. He had to compete with very young people, which was discouraging and role model. But now his unaware double every year and they have no debt, what’s more his patent was issued and won more than 20 awards.

They made a small reputation in the worldwide plastic pollution crisis. Apart from that he wanted to connect the first-time entrepreneurs of his age. These people have no concern. These are disposable men and women, who became entrepreneurs at their senior age; they are checking in when their peers are checking out.

60% of the new jobs created come from small businesses like his. But we live in a culture which expect old age people to play golf or look after grandchildren. By 2050 there will be 84 million senior people and a lot of first time entrepreneurs with 40 years of experience. And that is not a joke: 70% is the success rate of the old age entrepreneurs compared to young people’s enterprises, where this rate is only 20%.


role model: példakép

revenue: árbevétel

reputation: hírnév

stack: halom

dent: horpadás, mélyedés

concern: aggodalom

unaware: nincs tisztában vmivel

bold: bátor

intimidating: megfélemlítő

disposable:eldobható, egyszer használatos

Sok sikert és fejlődést a következő évre!

Demkó Andrea

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A helyes sorrend: stack, unaware, reputation, concern, disposable, intimidating, revenues, dent, role model, bold,