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Kedves Profizmusra Vágyók

Demkó Andrea vagyok, a cégek és cégvezetők nyelvi szakértője. Ma a kozmetikai ipar a téma, amiben Nagy-Britannia élen jár. Ma sem pusztán a jó szavakat kapjátok, hanem a feladatokat is a megoldásokkal.

We have an insatiable appetite for looking good and doing away with the tell-tale signs of ageing therefore we can see the proliferation of cosmetic procedures. Despite the negative press there is an exponential growth in the sector. Whether it is butt lift, breast augmentation or just  teeth whitening, we are more than ever under the spotlight in the era of selfies. But the new tendency is not to change who you are but to enhance what you have.

Superficial beauty is replaced by wellness as beauty: that’s the new megatrend unfolding globally. Beauty comes from within – the new approach revolves around prevention.Parallelly with this there is a bigger emphasis on natuaral, plant based remedies or a massage. This fuels the need for cosmetic products that are free from any artificial substance. Consumers read ingredients or notice if packaging is not recyclable.

British cosmetic brands are growing in the world market. These are perceived as luxury, trustworthy products with quality and craftsmanship. People are fond of British culture and this Britishness is an intriguing aspect of the brands in foreign markets.

insatiable appetite: csillapíthatatlan étvágy

do away with: felszámol, megszüntet

tell-tale sign: beszédes jel

proliferation: burjánzás

be under the spotlight: górcső alatt

superficial: felszínes, felületes

unfold: kibontakozik

revolves around: forog valami körül

natural remedy: természetes szer

artificial substance: mesterséges anyag

perceive: megítél, felfog

intriguing: érdekes

FELADAT: Melyik szó hiányzik?

  1. All our products are natural and contain no……….

  2. We have a very strong quality system, still I do not believe that we can totally……….scrap.

  3. Our company is taking the lead in digitalization so the life of the company……….automation.

  4. Our brand has an international reputation, it is………. as high end.

  5. Although the product had only……….scratches, it was enough to generate complaints.

  6. Customers have……….for novelties and innovation.

  7. We have experienced the ……….of meal kits since people want healthy food delivered to their threshold at lunchtime.

  8. Finally his plans for the future of the company started to……….

  9. Now that customers have become more conscious, the packaging material of products is very much……….

  10. The way he got to this position was absolutely……….

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  1. artifical substance, 2. do away with, 3. revolves around, 4. perceived, 5. superficial, 6. insatiable appetite, 7. proliferation, 8. unfold, 9. under the spotlight, 10. intriguing